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The camping is well linked with the centre of Civitavecchia which is full of historyc monuments and very attrattive. There is the possibility to visit the National Etruscan Roman Museum which is located in the building of Pape clement XIII which dates back to the eighteenth century.

Inside there are finds of the paleolithic, greek, etruscan and roman age. In the Civitavechia harbour there still arethe ruins of the old "Cemtuncellae" (a roman town) and it is possible to admire the cremellations of the wall built by Urban VIII and the imposing fountain in the middle of the wall (Vanvitelli 1743).

Another example of hte architecture of the sixteenth century is the Michelangelo Fort wich was started by Bramante (1508) and ented by Michelangelo.
Inside the fort there are the ruins of roman villa and crypt of S.Fermina the patron saint of the city.

There's also the possibility to admire the Trajan Baths, which have been recently restored,where you can find the old imperial buildings of the Adrian age. Near the Trajan bath (Terme Taurine) there is a famous plant of sulphuerous thermal waters called "Bagni della Ficoncella". Inside the plant there are some basins which date back to the roman age and the acces is completely free all the year long.

For the tourist there are also some folkloristic and religious display such as "The Procession of the Minsters" on Good Friday, "The procession on the sea of Saint Firmina" on 28th April, the Christmas of the city" on 14th and 15th August with firework displays and the seafood festival.

The position of the Traiano Camping allows to reach one of the most important archeological and natural areas of the Lazio:
Tarquinia, with the National Etruscan Museum and the necrop with the necropolis of Grottini, Rota, Ferrone.






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